Referral & Application Process

Green Chimneys Admissions is the point of entry for children and families, and all school-based referrals to our day school and residential programs.

Admissions Associates collaborate with families and each child’s home school district through the Committee on Special Education (CSE) or Planning and Placement Team (PPT) to assess how placement with Green Chimneys will support the individual social, emotional, behavioral and educational needs of the child.

Process Overview

  1. Referral is received from the school district and reviewed. Additional documentation may be requested to finalize the referral.
  2. If the program is considered to be a good fit, the child and family are invited for an interview and tour of our campus. Web-based interviews can be conducted for families that live several hours away.
  3. If all parties agree that placement within Green Chimneys’ Day School or Residential Program will support and enrich the child’s social, emotional, behavioral and educational functioning, acceptance to the program is offered.
  4. Once a child is accepted, Admissions partners with parents and CSE or PPT to facilitate the collection of necessary documentation, and schedule a date of admission.

    This process applies to new student referrals, as well as current students
    transitioning between programs.

To Make a Referral

Please provide the following documentation to the Admissions Department:

  • Cover letter on official school district letterhead requesting placement in either our Therapeutic Day School (TDS) or Residential Treatment Center (RTC)
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Psychological and Educational Evaluations within 3 years
  • Diagnostic Evaluation within 1 year
    Evaluation can be provided by student’s treating psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse practitioner, neurologist and/or developmental pediatrician and must include diagnosis, treatment modalities utilized, including any medication management, and current level of functioning. Neuropsychological evaluation will also be accepted.
  • Social History within 1 year
  • Any applicable related services evaluations and progress notes

All referral packets should be emailed to the attention of Admissions Director Lara Signorini at

If materials can only be sent by regular mail, please send to:
Green Chimneys
Attn: Admisssions
400 Doansburg Road
Brewster, NY 10509

For more information, please contact Admissions at 845.279.2995 x115

Note to Applicants

If you are submitting medical or other confidential documents, do not send to Green Chimneys’ general email address. Please contact Admissions regarding secure transmission of application materials.