What to Know Before Your Tour

What Happens During the Farm Tour

  • Groups are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled tour time and park in our Visitor’s Parking Lot named Otter Lot #2.
  • Dress for the weather (layer clothing), bring your own drinking bottles and wear closed toe shoes—NO flip-flops.
  • Your Tour Guide will greet the group(s) at the back of the parking lot.
  • During the tour, groups rotate through the various farm areas to visit the horses, cows, pigs, or have pony rides and the hayride. If children are over 10 years of age, arrangements may be made to visit the Wildlife Center as a substitution for the pony rides.
  • The group is reminded to wash their hands before leaving the Farm Center.
  • All attending groups may use the Ross Field picnic table area during their tour time only but are asked to clean up the tables and surrounding area when finished. If the group is not planning to use the picnic tables, then the group returns to their vehicles in the Otter Lot.
  • At all times, it is our goal to teach your group about Green Chimneys and the animals that we care for that you will see on your tour.

To Make Our Farm Tours Successful …

We include our farm staff, volunteers, interns and Green Chimneys students who are chosen to guide our groups through the farm animal barn and wildlife tours as well as assist with the children’s pony rides and tractor hayrides.

Everyone involved with a Tour has been trained to handle the groups that arrive at our campus for a fun, safe, educational, and enjoyable tour. We are a Premier Accredited Center of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Int’l). We ask that all group chaperones maintain order and assist in the groups’ movement through the different program areas. Unruly behavior will NOT be tolerated as it is likely to upset our animals and poses significant safety issues for both the animals and our guests.